What my clients say

'Thank you for your excellent work on [the book], by the way – I've been through everything in detail now and you did a really wonderful job.'

CS – Project Editor, publisher

'We've just gone to print and everyone at the final stage agreed that you'd done an absolutely stupendous job on the proof. Thank you so much for all your hard work. [...] You're now top of my list.'

LP – Senior Editor, musical organisation

'Victoria proofread a short book recounting some of my family history. She did a superb job, following my brief perfectly and identifying exactly the kinds of issues I was hoping she would. Her attention to detail was excellent and her corrections were very clear. She caught many small details while also keeping an eye on the overall layout and consistency. She kept me updated on the project and delivered it on time. I would happily recommend her proofreading service.'

HB – Author

'Victoria Hunt worked for us correcting the English text of instructions for making card models. We are very pleased with the improvements which she carried out for us. They have been applied in a way that clearly indicates the places where the text was amended. The work was done reliably, professionally and in a short time. We heartily recommend proof-reader Victoria Hunt.'

BC – Owner & Designer, card model kit publisher


'Victoria proof read the website for my new business. She completed the work in a very punctual manner and gave me lots of feedback and suggestions to make it read better for my clients. I was unsure if I was up to the task of editing the website, but the notes I was given were very concise and easy to follow. I am very happy with the work that was undertaken by Victoria and would definitely recommend her services.'

GB – Owner, dance school

'Victoria proofread and edited two articles for my newsletter. Although the content was quite technical, she completed the work competently and on time. She dealt with my follow-up questions in a helpful and intelligent fashion.'

CC – Proprietor, retail business

'As Licensing Coordinator, Victoria Hunt was fastidious, diligent and thorough in her work which embraced proofreading, archiving, handling approvals as well as contract writing and negotiation. It was very reassuring to know that if an “I” or a “T” hit her in-tray they would be dotted or crossed. She was equally meticulous with the wide variety of complex contractual rights material as well as patient and steadfast with the day-to-day checking of set-up for our broad and extensive product ranges. As a colleague Victoria was a fascinating personality and character to get to know; how one person could profess an incisive knowledge of the Tudors as well as an undoubted passion for Wycombe Wanderers Football Club was a joy to behold. I recommend her services as a proofreader – her laser vision and passion for details will hold you in great service.'

Lee Keeper – Creative Director, Woodmansterne Publications