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The Proofreader


I have been a proofreader since 2014, having been drawn to the profession through my flair for language and superb eye for detail. Before turning freelance I worked as an in-house proofreader for a major supermarket chain and, later, for a leading UK greeting card and Advent calendar publisher. Over those years I proofread anything from supplier contracts and vital food packaging information, to business and marketing material such as press releases, catalogues and brochures.

Having studied languages to A Level and later worked in Germany, I have developed a thorough understanding of the mechanics of grammar and syntax in day-to-day language. This, combined with my rigorous training on the Publishing Training Centre’s extensive Basic Proofreading course, enables me to root out any unnoticed mistakes or typing errors, however small.

A little about Victoria

In 2019 I also did an interview with the Society for Editors and Proofreaders for its ‘Meet our members feature.

The Musician

My musical expertise is focused on music from the baroque period through to the twentieth century. As an accomplished musician, I studied first at the Royal College of Music Junior Department, obtaining grade 8 in clarinet, piano, violin and theory of music, and then at the University of Birmingham, where I gained my degree. My intention since childhood had been to pursue a performing career – more specifically as an orchestral musician – but, unfortunately, an unexpected injury cut those plans short. Instead, I took my first steps into publishing, spending five years with a classical music publisher (focusing on both French music from the baroque period onwards, and contemporary works), where I worked closely with orchestras, composers, choirs and soloists.

My classical music expertise also extends to the contextual history of the times. I am widely read on a variety of people and events from the same period (and earlier), and have completed the Open University's French Revolution course in order to develop my historical understanding. I often proofread histories of ships and other military vehicles, and am also fascinated by the late fifteenth century, the Wars of the Roses and Richard III.

Professional Membership & Qualifications

Intermediate Member     of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders

Publishing Training Centre: Basic Proofreading – high merit (87.21%)

University of Birmingham: Bachelor of Music with Honours – 2.1

Open University OpenLearn: French Revolution; Getting started on classical Latin

Working proficiency of the German language, as well as knowledge of French (A Level) and Italian (GCSE)